Our Friday scores and our poetry – so far.

This week, we have had some excellent learning in class. We are especially pleased with the effort that the children (and the results) have put inn to their poetry work. We have attached a couple of whole class examples below.

In our Beat That 72, these children achieved 72 or over:

Sterlin, Ellis and Yezid.

These children scored their best ever score:

Nathan, Sofia, Ella, Harvey, Daniel, Lilly, Chloe, Kole, Mia and Tyler. Armaan, Abi, Joseph, Kaleal, Alfie, Bentley and Zac.

In our spelling test, these children scored 10/10:

Sofia, Chloe and Joseph.

We were also impressed with the scores from these children:

Reece, Jamie, Sterlin, Tyler, Asma, Summer, Lilly, Jamie and Jack.

Our CLIC tests are getting (slightly) progressively harder (We will start working on fractions after half term so they will be able to access even more questions) but these children have impressed us:

Sofia, Ellis, Mia, Asma, Tyler and Sterlin. Abi, Destiny, James, Jamie, Joseph, Kaleal, Kezy, Taeya and Jack.

Parkwood – Question and answer opportunity

If you are still undecided about which secondary school to send your child to then pop up to the top yard next Thursday 21st October between 2:45pm and 3:30pm. Gregg Henderson, Associate Assistant Principal at Parkwood, will be there to answer any questions you may still have. Even if you have already decided but still have questions or concerns then please come along. He is happy to answer general questions about the transition from primary to secondary. He is also more than happy to speak to our Year 5 families as he understands that you may have questions already.

Y6 Scores


In Y6MB this week, we didn’t have anyone achieve 12/12 however Ray did score 11. Some children seemed a bit upset with their scores – they don’t need to be. It is still early in the year. If they keep working hard, WE KNOW they will improve. We are so proud of how hard your children are working.

It was a similar picture in Y6KH with only Abi scoring 11/ 12.



Sofia, Ella, Cheyenne, Chloe, Mia, Asma, Amelia, Tyler, Aisha, Sterlin, Jamie and Reece all score 10!! Great work!!

Wow, wow, wow – Yezid, Armaan, Abi, Destiny, Dawid, James, Joseph, Chloe, Umaiza, Taeya, Abdullah and Jack all scored 10/10 too!

Beat That 72!

Reece, Ellis, Sterlin and Jamie all scored over 70 this week. So a big well done. Scoring over 70 in Y6KH was just Yezid.

In addition…

Ray, Ella, Lilly, Chloe, Mia, Asma, Amelia, Tyler, Lewis and Ethan also scored their best ever score in Y6 – awesome!!! Umaiza, Jayden, Abdullah, Deni, Jack and Maz have also topped their best scores so far this year – well done everyone!

Science – periscopes

We have attempted to make our own periscopes and had a go at using them to help us see around corners.

We cut and scored our boxes. We measured and marked our angles. We taped the boxes together and slotted in the mirrors then checked that they worked. It was a busy afternoon but we felt proud of what we have created!

We learned of a practical use of periscopes too.
We learned of a practical use of periscopes too.