Circle Time, PE and Golden Time

As we cannot be together for a Circle Time again this week we would like you to continue to work on your concentration. First we have a few different exercises for you to try: eye yoga – this will activate your left and right sided of the brain; calm me down – to help you be calm.

Next we would like you to have another go at guided visualisations. Here are some new ones or you could go back and reuse the ones we posted last week.

Balloon – 6 mins 22
Rainbow waterfall 10 mins 30

For PE this week try these challenges, try doing each challenge for 1 minute.

Can you do this for 1 minute without stopping?
This could be done inside touching the wall at one side of the room then across to the opposite side, or you could do it outside.
Do this for another minute.
You should be getting tired after a minute of these!
Will you last a whole minute doing these?
Maybe you haven’t got a ladder but you could draw one out in chalk outside or inside you could lay out a number of socks or something similar to step on.
Who will cave in before the minute is up?
Who can do this for a minute?
Try this on the bottom step of your stairs.

There are 9 exercises so aim to run throught them at least twice so you do a minimum of 18 minutes of exercise. You are allowed a short rest between each exercise and a slightlt longer rest between the sets of 9 exercises. If you can do them all 3 times you are our healthy hero!

For Golden Time reward yourself for working hard this week by choosing something that you will enjoy and send us a selfie to show us what you did. Also have a think and make some suggestions about what you would like to do in our class Golden Times when we are back in school, these can be inside and outside.

Enjoy golden time