Learning for those who need more!

Hi Class of 2020

I understand that one or two of you have run out of things to do! You must have worked really hard and eaten the Easter maths pack whole rather than do the recommended activities daily.

Look at https://www.pobble365.com/ there is a picture a day posted on this website – they are great for writing ideas.

You can always use your two study books to produce some posters or make some revision notes – you have paper and a small exercise book. Take photographs of anything you do and send them to us using y6@watercliffe.sheffield.sch.uk

Check here and your email next week for further learning…Where will your time machine take you? If you just want to check in with us, then send us an email, we look forward to hearing about what you have been up to.

Stay safe and keep in touch.

Miss Heap and Mr Bebbington





Duolingo Spanish

Mrs Reid is trying to practice Spanish using the Duolingo app on her phone.  You can register for free with your email address.  You get a mixture of activities including matching up, reading, listening, writing and speaking short exercises. Has anyone else tried it?Screenshot_duolingo