Finding writing features 

For this piece of writing, we have looked through a piece of writing called ‘The Tongo Lizard’. Within this, we have searched for features such as: colons, semicolons, adjectives, noun phrases and many more. We will then aim to use these in our own piece of writing. 

Last week.

Just a message to say that last week the Y6 children were amazing! Throughout school, it was assessment week and it was no different in Y6. We decided it would be best to give them a previous year’s tests.

They stepped up to the plate and just got on with it.

Some will be pleased and some will be disappointed. They shouldn’t be. It was only November, we still have plenty of time to help solve anything they need support with.However, they all need to make sure they take the advice/support that they will be receiving because, if they do, they will fly.