Friday celebration Y6KH

This week, in the final half term in Y6, the following children have cause to celebrate.

In the CLIC test Kyle, Noah and Madison scored 11 / 12 and only Pranavasree got the full 12 / 12.

In the Beat That Pranavasree, Hasan and Insha scored 72 or above. We also had Kyle A, Arlo, Marley and Cody all got their best scores.

In spellings we had a really good week with Iman, Cole, Cody, Noah, Maisy, Insha, Hasan, Madison and Pranavasree all scoring 10 / 10.

This week our postcard goes to Cole for the increased effort in his writing and maths and also the massive amount of enthusiasm he showed for cycling.

Beat the Street

Starting from 16th June, there will be a game called Beat the Street coming to Sheffield! Each week of Beat the Street has a theme. You can find out more about the ‘Go Weeks’ in the Video Assembly and PowerPoint. The first week runs from Wednesday 16th to Tuesday 22nd June and is called ‘Go Play’. This is all about getting out and enjoying playing Beat the Street.
Your child will receive a fob that they can use to play the game and you will also get a card to join in too! All you have to do is find a Beat Box and hold your card/fob over it until it beeps and flashes! Make sure that you register any card/fobs you get so that you can earn points, track score and even win prizes!

Here is a video to explain more.

If you need help registering your child’s fob and/or your own card here is a quick how to video from Mr Steele. There are also screen shots below if you cannot play the video.

PE stacking cups

In the classroom we practiced the skill of using both hands to stack and de-stack different numbers of cups. We each had our own set of cups to do this.

We took our skills outside to work as a team with the larger, bucket-sized, cups. We had challenges to build the quickest pyramid and de-stack it then we had to build the tallest most stable tower and also the quickest to throw and catch a stack of cups. What great fun!

Friday celebrations for Y6KH

In CLIC Noah, Hasan, Pranavasree and Connie all scored the full 12. We also had a large number of children scoring 11 and gaining their best scores today.

Beat That -scoring above 60 this week we have Noah, Evie, Maisy, Hasan and Archie. We also had Insha, Pranavasree and Connie.

We had our best week ever in spellings with nine children scoring 10/10. Noah, Evie, Kayla, Hasan, Madison, Archie, Pranavasree, Connie and Lucy – fantastic! Well done!

Look at those children who are appearing on all 3 of our celebrations lists -Noah, Hasan, Pranavasree and Connie – you are amazing!

Our postcards this week goes to Gabriella and Alfie. Both of them have such lovely attitudes to learning and and showing some real determination to improve their work. Gabriella in her CLIC and spellings and Alfie in his writing.

Happy half term to you all. We’ll see back in school on Monday 7th June for your last half term in Y6!

Y6MB success


In CLIC, 4 children got 12/12!

Saleem, Jessica, Ruo Xi and Heba – A big well done to you all.


Isabella, Jessica, Ruo Xi and Heba – achieved 10/10 another big well done.

Beat That

Yad, Jessica, Heba, Ruo Xi and Jake all scored over 72. A big well done to Husnain who achieved 110 – a record score for the class!!!!

Bikeability after half term

Your child will have either brought home a slip or will one home tomorrow that tells you which group they are in.

Groups 1 and 2 will need to bring their bikes and helmets on the first day back, if they have not booked to borrow them.



We will train your Group 4 on Thursday 17th all day and then Friday 18th morning only.
There will be no training on the Monday 14th June