On our CLIC test today Noah, Hasan, Madison, Connie and Lucy have scored 12/ 12. Kaden has also made massive improvements this week!

In the Beat That test Insha and Connie both completed the 72 calculations correctly and went on to answer further questions correctly – they’re fast!

Pranavasree and Hasan both scored 10/10 in spellings.

Well done to you all.

Friday celebrations

CLIC – we only had Noah that scored 12/12, well done Noah.

Beat That – both Insha and Connie score 72/72.

Spelling – Insha, Pranavasree and Connie all score 10/10.

That’s a double achievement for both Insha and Connie – well done girls.

Our ‘Enjoy challenge’ postcard this week goes to Hasan. He always works hard and this week after hurting his finger he continued to do the same despite being uncomfortable when holding a pen or pencil. He didn’t let challenging circumstances get in the way of his learning.