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Zombie Poem


Last week, when David Harmer was in school, he ran a workshop for year 5 and 6 children and they wrote a zombie poem. Here it is:



Icy cold, moonlit night

Zombies Prowling

Zombies Howling

What a fright tonight


Zombies with blood all over their face

Walking dead – petrifying people

Creep and Crawl day and night

Bits of bodies dropping off

Ripped clothes, bare feet

eating flesh, drinking blood


Icy cold, moonlit night

Zombies Prowling

Zombies Howling

What a fright tonight


Zombies stomp, slide and shiver

Brainwaves make them stumble

shake and stroll

like they have a broken leg

They invade your personal space

Groan and moan, slur and creak







Home Learning – 101 Reads and Education City Grammar activities

101 Reads

We know that lots of you will have read yourself or have had read to you, some of the books on the 101 Reads list. In order for you to be able to tick them off, we need some proof that you have read them! You might decide to do a book review for some but that would take quite a lot of time so we thought you could explain how you know about each  book instead. One of my favourites is Tyrannosaurus Drip and the reason for this is that it belongs to one of my sons and we used to read it regularly at bedtime. My favourite character is ‘Drip’ because he is very confused about who he is and doesn’t feel he belongs anywhere. By writing this, others know I have read the book!

Education City

There are several quick games to play on Education City. They cover: adverbs, prepositions, nouns, verbs and adjectives. If you cannot get on a computer for any reason, then you need to find another way of revising these word classes. Most of you will have access to the internet via a phone, if not a computer, so look the words up and produce a poster or piece of writing with these words identified. If you have no access at all, you are able today (Thursday) or tomorrow, to go to the ICT suite to find some information.

Happy half-term. See you on Tuesday 4th November.

Miss Heap

Launch of 101 Reads, Cosy Reads and the Sun Bus – Read on Get on

Yesterday was a day packed with reading and writing opportunities. We launched the Watercliffe Meadow 101 Reads and hope this inspires more children to read a whole variety of books.

The established and much published author David Harmer visited the school and shared his poetry writing with us in a very energetic performance.

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He also took part in our Cosy Reads which is where loads of adults in school chose books from our 101 Reads list and read them to a group of children that had chosen to listen to that particular book. There was also a visit by the Sun Bus which is part of the Read on get on campaign to encourage more children to read – 10 minutes a day, every day!


Here are a few quotes from our class to say what they thought about the day:

Ellie – I really liked how David Harmer made us laugh rather than just reading poems.

Alfie –  liked the different types of poems that we heard; the variety. When Mrs Barton was reading Skellig, Miss Tourzani was playing Skellig and made us all jump!

Summer – I liked the 101 reads because there are some books I haven’t seen before but I want to read.

Zak – I am more likely to read the books that I have heard and seen today so far. I enjoyed the fact that Mr Allsopp gave us biscuits and drinks and told us jokes.

Lisa – I enjoyed the ‘Cosy Read’ because it has inspired me to find out more about the story.

Siani – I really liked the challenge of the 101 reads because it is challenging and makes you want to read more books. I enjoyed the author using different voices to make the poems more interesting.

Corey – I liked the cosy read with David Harmer because it inspired me to like poetry more.

Keenan – I liked the 101 reads because it has inspired me to read more books.

Summer – When I was in the Flat Stanley Cosy Read I also made a Flat Stanley, completed a puzzle and a word search.

Kieran –  I liked how Miss Deans and Mrs Reid dressed up as the Twits while they read to us.

 Conner – In Mr Arch’s room we all had a torch while we were listening to Grimm Tales and every time we heard the word ‘shivers’ we had to shine our torch.