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Spellings – words used in previous SATs tests.



We hope this helps.


Our day at Crucial Crew.

What a fabulous day we had.

The children certainly enjoyed it and learnt so much that will hopefully help them make good choices as they move through life.

We had a plethora of activities:

  • A day in the Park
  • Life Saving skills
  • Fire Prevention
  • A session in a Magistrates Court – with real magistrates – we also saw a Prison Cell!!
  • A session on a bus with Top Man Doug – Is it cool!?
  • Road Safety

We hardly had time to eat our lunches it was that jam-packed with action. One of the best quotes of the day was:

Fire lady: How do you test a smoke alarm that you may have in your house?

Pupil: Start a small fire!

Hopefully they don’t do that!!!

Here are some more picks of a fab day: