Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Calc Speed Test

At school, we have a speed test. 20 times tables questions answered as quickly as possible. It’s hard. You feel under pressure and make silly mistakes. The kids love em – the adults not so much.
Our current leader is a certain J Kissack. 31.89 seconds. 

Awesome Josh. 


Another quiet week in Y6

Starting last week, and carrying on in to this week, the children have produce a small amount of writing – four pieces to be exact!

They have (in no particular order) produced:

  • A piece showing suspense
  • A piece based on writing instructions
  • A piece based around formal and informal writing
  • A piece that includes both passive and active voice

They have worked very hard on these and have done themselves proud. They are just finishing off their last piece which may carry on into next week as well. Ask them if they can tell you about any features needed.


Also we would like to share a sheet that helps show children how to approach questions in their arithmetic test – here it is!

Arithmetic test example answers to go home


This week (W/B 13/03/17)

We are looking at creating a line graph and working out the ‘mean’ average today. This will be followed by revision of fractions for the remainder of the week.

in theme and English we will be finishing El Caminante and allowing a bit of freedom with a ‘free write’.

We hope, some point, to be able to film some of the short SPaG films that the children have created.



Home Learning this week:

This week we have given out a set of work based on active and passive sentences and some spelling work to help develop synonym skills.

In addition to this there will be a reading paper and a further arithmetic paper. Can we have these completed and returned by next Wednesday 15th March.


Many thanks