The first day of SATs

We could not be any prouder. The Y6s worked their collective socks off today. 

We’ll done you all of you. 

So so proud.  


One thought on “The first day of SATs

  1. SATs
    Do you know what SATs are? SATs will happen in mid-morning and only eleven-year-olds and ten-year–olds in Y6 have to do them.
    You might think you do tests all day but you only do 1-2 tests a day for 40-45 minutes but the reading test on Wednesday was only 1 hour , that is only 15-20 minutes longer.
    You definitely should be ready by the time you have to do them, so don’t worry. There are two teachers that can read things for you (except on the Reading test obviously).
    These are the papers you’ll have to do: Reading on Monday; SPaG on Tuesday; Arithmetic and Reasoning on Wednesday; on Thursday (the last test) is the other Reasoning paper. So don’t worry they are quite fun and once you finish them you have things like: The Castleton Residential; the school play, and prom to look forward to.
    By Ruby Wraith


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