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Learning in Year 6

This time of year is always hectic in Year 6; we have rehearsals, transitions, visitors of theme of Being Brilliant, Sports Day,  SRE, the list goes on!


This week we have lots of rehearsals: during school and after school.

The children will be creating a Year Book (on PowerPoint) page for themselves with quotes and thoughts from others. They will be doing a book review for Home Learning – so they need to get reading!!!



Here are some of our thoughts about the week.


On Monday 22nd of May 2017 Y6 children and staff were all very excited to go to Castleton, but sadly the teachers delayed it a couple of hours, because we had to get the train at 11:14.  Y6’s go every year and stay at the Rotary Centre (in Castleton) for a whole week in either a tent or a room. I preferred to stay in a tent.

The whole week was full of different activities including: Swimming in the outdoor pool in Hathersage; Walking up Higger Tor; Walking up Mam Tor, cycling and much more. My favourite was the cycle so I am going to write about that in more detail

On Thursday 25th of May (My Birthday) we had to do an 11 mile cycle. The muddy, but stoney paths were extremely hard to ride on, and you got tired after a little while. Some people did not bring a big enough water bottle and ended drinking the whole bottle in one go. Luckily, I bought a 1L bottle. Cycling can be very tiring if you do a lot of it like we did. Later that day, we did some fun activities including water as it was a very hot day and the sun was shining, with Mr Allsop, who is a teaching assistant, and then we went back to the Rotary Centre . The Rotary Centre is a big building with many different bedrooms and tents for the sixty-six children and ten adults to sleep in. It also has a big building for meals they called you up one table at a time so at times it can get very hectic. In the middle of the buildings, is a big climbing frame that most of the children play on it and others will get ready for the room inspections. That night, we had: Roast chicken, stuffing, vegetables and gravy if you wanted it. For pudding we had birthday cake because it was my birthday and ice-cream. “Have you had a nice birthday?” Caitlin asked. In my opinion, Thursday was the best day of the week! Bronwyn also said “It was the best day of the week!” Kaila thought it was the best school trip ever!

By Ruby Wraith


On Monday 22nd May 2017 Y6 from Watercliffe Meadow set off to Castleton to have a fantastic week. Over the week we did loads of activities – but my favourite day was Thursday.

On Thursday, when we all woke up, we had a delicious breakfast (bacon sandwiches, toast, eggs) at the Rotary Centre (which is where we were sleeping in tents or bunk beds in rooms). It also had an amazing view! We got ready and headed out to the bike rental area.  As there were 66 of us we had two groups, one group would cycle in the morning, and the other would do activities with Mr Allsopp and cycle in the afternoon.  Most of the activities were strategy, such as there were 4 desert islands and one person had water and someone else had rope, everyone had to have a drink but the bottle couldn’t touch the water (aka grass). The children had to make this washing-line type-thing where they had to attach the bottle and pull it across the washing line.   After that we had lunch with the annoying ducks!

When the morning cyclists returned, we went on the great cycle round the dam!  It was great because you could see how big the dam was – it was beautiful. I also heard many kids say, “The view is astonishing!!!” The sun was very hot and we felt lucky to have such good weather.  Everyone was so eager to do the bike ride and they should have been because it was really good.

When we finished, we took the minibus back to the Rotary Centre.  We had tea, had a bit of free-time until the girl cadets came and made us do loads of tiring activities.   Finally, we had hot chocolate and cookies and went to bed!

To be honest all the week was amazing I just had to pick Thursday though, because of all of the fun we had like the activities, the bike ride and everything else.

By Oscar Ketland