Monthly Archives: January 2018

Alan MacDonald’s Visit to Watercliffe

Alan, the author of the series Dirty Bertie, set us a challenge. Years 5 and 6 had to invent a new chocolate bar, create a slogan and pitch their idea to Alan. We are pleased to announce that Lewis Dawson won the competition and now has a signed copy of the book Rats.


Mega Travel Pass

You need to apply for a Mega Travel Pass for children in Year 6 ideally before they start secondary school. Children were told about them at Crucial Crew last week.

You can find out more about it by looking online –

The pass is free and will save your child from being charged full adult fare.

Year 6 football 

Watercliffe sent two teams to The Wednesday training ground today to play in an EFL tournament. The teams did us proud performing brilliantly. 

A special mention goes to Eyub and Sienna who won medals for being the stand out players in their respective mini leagues. 

I’ve asked for reports to be written and will post these when I receive them. 

Well done lol and thank you to the parents and families who came to watch – it was much appreciated.