Monthly Archives: May 2018

Happy birthday

We would not normally put a birthday on here. However, we have two tomorrow whilst they are away from home. Jeremy, our chef, created a masterpiece for Harley and Morgan.

Happy birthday from us all.



Well, SATs have come and gone for another year. Our kids smashed em out of the park – in the sense they knuckled down and gave it everything. We had some stressful moments but, by gosh, we couldn’t be prouder.

Day two of SATs

Your children were immense yesterday – we could not have asked for more.

Their resilience was exceptional.

So SPaG is out of the way and today we must be on to Reading.

Tell them to be confident and try their best; it’s all we need from them because their best is easily good enough.

At the same time, the clock is ticking slowly towards auditions for the school play!

This week

In Y6, we have had a fabulous time in PE. Outdoors we have honed our rounders skills. During Indoor, we have done Rhythmic Gymnastics (Mr B looks ace in a leotard) some of the kids have enjoyed it so much, they have gone out and bought their own ribbons.

In writing, we have been learning how to put suspense into our writing. We have done this by…