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Investigate Spelling Patterns – Home Learning

There are several ways of making the same suffix sound -tion, -sion, -ion and -clan.

Home learning – try and find at least 5 words for each suffix, e.g. attention, decision, optician and champion. Then investigate to see if you can see any patterns or reasons that might help you decide which suffix to use when.


Anyone for cards?

Graham came in and taught us a few skills whilst playing card games. A really fun session with lots of maths.

Who will come complete Graham’s challenge and find the most words from the letters that spell the word ‘Bridge’? The words need to have 3 letters or more, e.g. grid.

This week

We have had yet another really good week in Y6.

We have begun working on the 4 operations and will be applying our knowledge in problem solving next week.

In writing, we have begun a biography about Sir Winston Churchill – ask your child some information about his life – they all know lots about him!
In PE, we have continued to develop our games and everyone is improving their tactical awareness. We are also building up fitness in a range of exercises and drills at the beginning of the outdoor lesson.
Our learning of WW2 has allowed us compare Chamberlain and Churchill and make an informed decision on who we think was the best leader.
We will continue to encourage children to complete their times tables – can you please do the same at home as this can help with all areas of maths. Thanks

Our week

This week in Year 6, we have achieved lots.

Our maths lessons involved looking at place value and negative numbers – this challenged our children but they should be proud of how they persevered. We are moving onto the four operations next week.

Our writing involved looking at a short clip of Carrie’s War and then writing it up using noun phrases, relative clauses and fronted adverbials.

In theme, we have started looking at timelines and we will create our own. We are looking forward to finding out about Winston Churchill next week.

We are starting to create our own game and rules in PE involving invasion games.