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Jeff is back!!!

Having fun at Maccy D’s house


The penultimate week

Another fab week. In maths, we have looked at converting measures. The children worked really well at converting written questions so we’ll done. We need some to learn the conversations for ml, l, mm, cm, m km, g and kg.

We also looked at converting imperial to metric – km and miles.

In writing, we have just about finished our mythical creature – we are really pleased with their work so far.

Dance and fitness has continued to be brilliant.

Keep it up!!

What a week!!


uring maths, we have continued looking at algebra. The children carried on working hard AND enjoyed it! They have shown us a surprising amount of resilience in such a tricky maths topic.

We have continued to look at our ‘mythical’ creature in writing. The creature must ‘conform’ to natures ‘laws’ – in other words, a penguin won’t live in the rain forest!

In PE, the children have continued to develop their dance with Jack and they have developed their own fitness program.

We have also continued to look at Charles Darwin in theme and his fascinating life!

On Wednesday, we had some very special visitors to our school. Lots of ‘wild’ creatures from all over the world. We saw: stick insects, snakes, frogs, tortoise and a turtle, chinchilla and a lovely little mouse.

Here are a few pictures from the day…