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Crucial Crew by Madyson G and Hayden F

Crucial Crew Recount.
On the 15th of January 2015 both Y6 classes went on the motorway to a place called Crucial Crew (Life wise Centre). We went from scenario to scenario to learn about safety and things. We agree that the most enjoyable scenario was when we went the bar and pretended to be drunks (Mady G and Hayden F). Hayden was the angry guy saying stuff like “if you want some I’ll give it yah!” Madyson was the ill one being sick on the table.
Hayden F reported “The most exciting part for me was when me and my class went and watched and took part in a court case. One of the reasons I liked it was because I got to see a real life police cell and I got to go in it if I wanted to and I obviously did”.
Madyson G recalled “The most breath-taking thing I got to take part in was when I pretended to be a 13 year old girl called Sam (Samantha) who ran away from home. My classmates told me to freeze if I was doing something dangerous, like talking to a stranger. And it really fun because just taking part is really fun”.

We agree that the rating is 4.5/5 because it was awesome, fun and cool.
So overall Crucial crew was fun, exciting and incredible and we would definitely visit again!

By MadyG and HaydenF.


Crucial Crew by Zak and Maria

On Thursday we went to crucial crew and the very first thing was about a person called Sam who robbed beer from a shop and has been charged £300. I pretended to be Sam who was in court, Jak was my dad in it. The next thing was the red cross and we learnt how to help someone that had a big cut and that had fainted. To help them you needed to see if you can wake them up and if that that did not work you lifted the leg up and push it so they are on their side so they don’t choke. After that we went to the cyber café to learn about safety online and played a few games.
After lunch we learnt that a hoax call can kill someone because there will be no fire engines at the nearest station.

By Zak and Maria

Crucial Crew by Conner and Summer

On Thursday 15th January we went to Crucial Crew. After a long journey on the coach we got there. At first I thought it was going to be boring. Everyone was amazed when they walk in because it was a big set.

The first activity:
We went in the British Red Cross. The woman who was talking to us was amazing! (called Jo). Jo taught us how to turn someone on their side. Summer and James volunteered, James had to pretend he had a big cut on his arm.
Internet café:
It wasn’t a normal café, it was a internet café. In their we learnt about cyber bulling. You had to do a profile picture but that wasn’t it we had to choose what was good and what was bad. It was real FUN! Next we went to the Co-op
The Co-op
It was full of food and drinks but unfortunately it was all out of date. The actors were amazing! I found out that you can go to jail at the age of 10. Then we went over to the pub. They was 3 volunteers they was amazing. The man was so funny. I learned a lot and it was really fun.

Magistrates court
We all had to sit down and some of us had to go and be the people who went up was really good. After we went Into a real jail cell ( I would not want to be in jail) it was so small. Ezzah did really well she had the main part so well done Ezzah
Bin fire
We went with this man and he tricked us into lighting a bin fire. That one wasn’t the best one. But we did learn a lot .

We went into this big garden. Lisa volunteered she was really good. We found out how dangerous it can be to run away.
Time to go home
The day was over and it was time to go home.
By Conner Lawrence and Summer Sheldon

Crucial Crew by Sophie

Crucial Crew was exciting we learned about the fire service we learned not to set thing on fire not to make hoax calls because if there’s an emergency the fire service couldn’t get there.
We also learned about the dangers of drugs, that some drugs are good and some drugs are bad, the good ones you can get from the doctors to make you feel better, the bad ones you get off people in the street, they are bad because they make you feel strange and make you do bad things or silly things that can get you into trouble or even jail.
My favourite part of the day was the act in the shop, the act was that there were some cool teenagers talking about a party they were going to, there were two girls who were with a group of older boys, and they wanted to look cool by stealing some beer for the party, the girl drank the beer on the way to the party and got drunk and smashed a window. I liked this because it showed you how bad it is to steal and drink underage.
I would recommend crucial crew as a good place to go because you learn lots of new skills.
By Sophie Barratt

Crucial Crew by Paige, Keenan and Kieran

On Thursday 15th January we went to Crucial Crew . First we were on set and it was like Coronation Street. The first activity we did was health and safety . What we learnt were how to help injured people. At Crucial Crew they said if you got a burn you should put clingfilm so you can check on it and it won’t stick to you.
At one point in the day we went on a bus to learn how to treat busses and the driver if you treat the bus badly they will move the bus to another place.
We loved crucial crew. It was fun!!

By Paige,Kieran and Keenan

Crucial Crew by Lisa and Courtney

At crucial crew we did various activities and learnt a lot of things during the process, like how awesome our favourite thing was in the acting. We learnt that what arson is (setting something on fire when it isn’t yours) and not to ever do it. We did some acting and some medical training on what to do when some one is badly injured or unconscious.

By Courtney and Lisa

Crucial Crew by Jak and Arian

On Thursday 15th January Year 6 went on a trip to Crucial Crew; everyone who went said it was magnificent and exciting.
When we first got there, there was was a confusion about what was in store for us. When we first got into crucial crew, everyone thought we were going to watch a long and tedious power point. But when the leader told us we were going on the Coronation Street set thrill started to rise!
Our favourite activity was inside a Co-operative where we all got to watch a live robbery! One of the thieves peer pressured the other thief to rob a pack of beers.
Everybody who went loved it you would love it to.
By Jak and Arian.

Y6’s Visit Crucial Crew by Ellie and Phoebe

On Thursday 15th January 2015 the whole of Y6 went to Crucial Crew.
The journey to Crucial Crew didn’t take long (30 minutes to be exact!). Whilst we were on the coach, everyone was entertaining themselves. I (Ellie Leary) was entertaining my friend Ruby Pryor with a very creepy hat called Quince.
As soon as we got there we got split into 3 different groups. One group was with Mrs Read, Mr B and/or Miss Heap. There was a range of different scenarios for us to take part in. For example… hoax calls, internet safety, trespassing and arson.
The first activity Mrs Read’s group did was a live action role play of people in the Magistrates Court. The story was about a young girl called Sam, who had been stealing some beer for a party, that had to go to court to get her punishment; if she needed it… Then we went to see a model of a prison cell.
Next we went to learn the new and improved first aid, which taught us how to save a person who’s choking and a person who’s unconscious.
We don’t want to bore you with all of the rest of the scenarios we did.
We just wanted to tell you that we had a great time and had SOOO much fun! We hope you have enjoyed reading this report. By Phoebe Johnson and Ellie Leary Y6KH/HR.

Crucial Crew by Tommy and Allyssia

On Thursday 15th of January 2015, all the year sixes went on a school trip to Rotherham! We got split into 3 groups and first we went to a room with a women talking about the British Red Cross. After that we met a women who worked for the South Yorkshire police. She told us about the very despicable hoax calls (which you should never do). Next we went to the internet café and the guide told us about how to be safe on the internet! In the café we had two challenges the first was to guess if something was inappropriate. The next challenge was to make an appropriate profile picture for a girl on Facebook. After the previous activity we went to the local cooperative, they showed us two actors who were pretending to steal the pack of alcohol. One of our class mates (Corey) was the shop keeper and was very intimidating. We then went to the pub, we learnt how to deal with the drunk Hippocrates !
By Tommy and Allyssia

Crucial Crew by Corey

Crucial crew was about a 30 min ride. It was in Rotherham. When we got there we were split into 3 groups of 20. I was in Miss Heaps group. The first activity was the medical center with a lady from red cross. Bradley and Savannah went to try to do the unconscious move. The next activity was being the shopkeeper. Miss heap picked me. These two laddies tried stealing a pack of beer. One of the ladies made a distraction.
Crucial crew was the best trip ever.
​By Corey