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Poetry based on The Silver Sword

In Year 6, we have started reading The Silver Sword – the children are loving it. We have looked at vocabulary within the book and used this to inspire some poetry. More examples are to follow.


If Only….


Yesterday we read a poem called If Only… by Pie Corbett.

We used this structure to create our own version after we had come up with lots of synonyms for catch, and lots of abstract nouns and ideas.

If only you could, what would you catch, and what would you do with it?

Here are our ideas:

If only I could…

If only I could seize a seed of truth
and make it grow
so no one could ever tell a lie

If only I could take hold of hatred
and keep it
then I would throw it in the cellar and never remember

If only I could grip magnetism
and store it
for the hardest times in life

If only I could grab sadness,
and lock it away
to be happy forever

If only I could hold the colours of the rainbow
and share it
with the hateful places of the world

If only I could take sadness
and keep it locked away
so that everyone could be happy

If only I could trap a handful of dreams
and lock them away
for when I am down

If only I could steal hatred
and lock it
in an underground vault for eternity

If only I could snatch a beam of moonlight
and use it
to help people in their dark moments

If only I could spear a star
and light up my days
or use it for inspiration when I’m older

If only I could arrest my dreams
and store them in a vault
and become a police officer

If only I could mummify a memory
and keep it
for a hard time in life

If only I could trap time
and use it
for when I’m late

If only I could catch a ray of moonlight
and treasure it
for the dark days of life