Today we had the pleasure of Mr Clayton (an art specialist from Parkwood) to help us create beautiful moths.
Here are some examples…


Norwood Grange

The Year 6 children made their annual Christmas visit to Norwood Grange. Once again, they were a credit to us all.

We’d like to wish all the staff and residents a very Merry Christmas.

Last week!!!

This week, we have had another great week.

In writing, we have started to create our own versions of a film we have seen. The children are using lots of writing features to create this. In SPaG, we are looking at using colons, semi-colons and commas for ambiguity. Ask your children if they can explain it to you!!!
In maths, we have looked at decimals – and done lots of work has been done to reinforce this. We have linked it to money and weights etc.
We have had another fantastic PE session – the throwing and catching skills – involving moving at speed with a basketball – is absolutely fantastic.

Last week

This week, in maths, we have looked at decimals. The kids have shown great resilience looking at the whole of this.

Our writing was writing a newspaper report about the Great War Christmas Truce. They have written really well.
On Friday, we went to the Octagon and saw a lecture from Professor Birkhead about ‘The Life of Birds’. We saw birds flying across the auditorium – it was amazing!!! We found out so much information about birds that we previously didn’t know.
It was a fantastic day that we all enjoyed.

Another busy week

This week has been a great week – we started with odd socks and we ended it dressed in yellow and spots! In between this, we have done more fractions. We have looked at how to find a fraction of an ‘whole’ and we have made sure that the children know a ‘whole’ can be anything.

We continued writing persuasively this week – we responded to a letter from ‘Frightened and Ashamed’ of Sheffield. The children really got into this and came up with excellent advice.
Because it was anti-bullying week we looked at ‘respect’ and its impact. We then looked at cyber-bullying; the children were very mature and sensible during this debate.
In PE, we have had the Sheffield Sharks in and we continued our invasion games during outdoor PE.