Mega Travel Pass

You need to apply for a Mega Travel Pass for children in Year 6 ideally before they start secondary school. Children were told about them at Crucial Crew last week.

You can find out more about it by looking online –

The pass is free and will save your child from being charged full adult fare.


Year 6 football 

Watercliffe sent two teams to The Wednesday training ground today to play in an EFL tournament. The teams did us proud performing brilliantly. 

A special mention goes to Eyub and Sienna who won medals for being the stand out players in their respective mini leagues. 

I’ve asked for reports to be written and will post these when I receive them. 

Well done lol and thank you to the parents and families who came to watch – it was much appreciated. 

Fabulous Finish

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 19th) and this morning (Wednesday 20th) we had our fabulous finish. 

Over the half term, the children worked so hard in so many different areas of learning. The produced: poems, letters, art work, animations, a tea dance and much more. The hall was full of their amazing work – we were very proud of all that they did. Even though it will be difficult, we are confident that the will improve upon this next term.

We’d like to thank all the adults that came to see the learning your children did.

It truly was a fabulous finish. 

This week.

In Year 6, we have been looking at Christmas around the world and comparing it to Christmas in England and our own experience of Christmas. We have found out about Christmas in over 20 countries!

One of the reasons we have done this is because we were set a challenge by Becky Lynne ( a former British athlete) who works in Kenya. We have put our information together and created letters that Becky is going to deliver to children in Kenya. 

We have enjoyed finding out lots of facts. We hope we get a response from the children in Kenya. 

Maths this term so far…

  • This term, we have looked (mainly) at fractions – included in this are percentages and decimal (and especially their equivalents) – the children have worked really well with these but some still need to learn some ‘facts’ about these. On p116 of their journals is a table showing equivalents. If yo could encourage your child to learn these (if they don’t already know them), it will help them in the long-term; especially with their arithmetic test. 

Indoor PE

This term, we have been doing gymnastics. We have been practising how to move like a gymnast along with various activities. We needed to make a sequence that included: a roll, a plank, a balance, moving like a gymnast and a finish.

Here are some pictures

We hope you like them.

For some reason, it won’t let me add videos. I need to speak to Mr Spencer!