Sneaky Rehearsal Shots

Some early production shots. 


An interesting week

In maths, we have covered work involving time and time tables. We have covered it more as a ‘life-skill’ and as it is something we don’t work on in the Year 6 curriculum. It is really important that children can tell the time (both analogue and digital) and read time tables so it may be something you want to develop at home before secondary school.
In writing, we have started to look at a short film called ‘El Caminante’. The children are developing their skills at re-writing this as their own narrative. So far, the results are very good and the children are enjoying the learning.
Science has been ‘electric’ this week!!! We have looked at circuits, how to represent them and how to change them. This has been done brilliantly.

Town Hall debate.

What a fantastic experience we have had. We participated in a lively debate against Emmaus school about whether phones should or should not be allowed in schools – we argued against. Unfortunately, slightly more children voted that they should be allowed in school. However, this didn’t prevent all six children having a brilliant morning.

Peaches: it was really exciting.

Saniya: I had a lot of fun.

Nardeen: it was an experience of a lifetime and I would like to go again.

Honia: it was awesome.

Mackenzie : I enjoyed speaking in a room full of people.

Chloe : I enjoyed today and I would like to do it again

I will add pictures later.

Well Done girls!!!

Another busy week in Y6

In maths, we have looked at angles and the properties of shapes. We need the children to revise 2d and 3d properties now, and over Easter.

We have started to look at discussion texts. We are going to use these to help six children engage in a debate with children from other schools. They will not know their question until they arrive!!!
On Monday, our children were absolutely fantastic in town. They were a credit to you (and the school) and showed the positive side of ‘protest’ to the city in a polite and very respectful way. From all of us, thank you.

Raphael – use of inverted commas and speech to show character and move the story forward.

Using speech to move a story on and reveal character traits.

The Mystery Man bellowed, “What are you doing here?” as he stomped into the room.

“I just wanted to explore. Am I in trouble Sir?” Rahael replied as he stepped back to get away from the criminal.

“How did you get in here? I know I locked the door!” he said while he was fuming.

The youngster relied, “I I I’m sorry, there was a key in the door!”

The inventor answered, “This is your last warning boy.”

“I am so sorry I will not do it next time,” commented the boy wishing he could go back in time and stop himself from going into the room.

“Go back and deliver those scrolls. What are you doing – waiting for Christmas?” shouted the old man.

By Jaxon

“Get out!” bellowed the man as he entered the room.

“Sorry,” the boy said while he stuttered.

“How did you get in here?” the man was confused.

“Err,” the boy said.

“I’m sorry. I’m guilty for taking the key! I found it in the door,” the boy said as he stepped back.

“You should be sorry,” the man walked forwards.

“Why did you leave the key in the door?” said the boy confidently.

“Did I tell you to question me?” shouted the man.

“No.. No,” stuttered the boy.

The man said, “Do you want this day to be your last?”

The young boy said, “No if course no.”

“Then you better be quiet!”

By Ibrahim

“Why are you in my room?” the man said as he walked closer to the boy.

“You left the key in the door,” the boy replied with a defiant look on his face.

“That is not excuse for you to enter!” the mystery man said hitting a rage.

The youngster replied fiercely, although his heart was beating fast deep down, “Well I’ve always want to enter this room!”

“Do you want this to be the last room you ever enter?”

“No!” Raphael said.

“THEN LEAVE NOW!” shouted the man as he pulled open the door.

By Terrell

The mystery man enters the room and walks towards Raphael, “What are you doing in my room?” he shouts.

Nervously, Raphael shakes and stays quiet.

The man screams as he loomed over the slave, “I asked you a question.”

He stuttered, “I I saw a key in the door and I I thought…..”

“You shouldn’t have come in her,” he bellowed at the top of his voice.

By Emily

With rage the man entered his room, “What are you doing here?”

“My master, I I I found a key,” said the boy while stuttering.

“do you realise what this is?” bellowed the man as he stepped forward.

The boy was still as a stone.

“Answer me, I don’t pay you for this,” sharply the man responded.

“I I I am sorry, “ mumbled the youngster.

“I am disappointed,” replied the man full of rage.

“Come with me to the …”

By Jasdeep

“Get out of here,” bellowed the angry man as he stormed in.

Raphael stepped back shaking, “I’m sorry,” he stuttered.

The man stepped forward angrily.

“I I I’m sorry,” the boy said trying to butter things up.

The man shouted, “Watch where you are going!”

“I’m going nowhere,” said Raphael. The young boy had been edging towards the door, looking for a way out.

The scary figure grabbed the boy and whispered in his ear, “There’s nowhere for you to run.”

By Tyler

The man said, “How did you get in here?” walking towards the boy.

The boy stepped back in fear and replied, “I saw a key in the door so I went in.”

The man relied whilst walking closer to the child, “You know you shouldn’t be in here.”

Walking towards the door, the boy replied, “I’ve always wanted to see in here.”

By Maddison

“I’m v v very sorry, I didn’t know what was he here!” he said whilst stuttering and tripping over his feet.

“Do you realise what this is?” the man questioned while swinging his arms around the unusual things.

Raphael mumbled as he slowly totted back, “But there was a key in the door.”

“You still shouldn’t have stolen it, he explained as he crossed his arms.

Raphael screamed, “I’m very sorry, I didn’t know what was in here and I’ll never do it again I promise.”

“Too late, follow me now,” the figure sighed as they went up the stairs.

By Jayden