This was the week that was…

In maths this week we have been working on factors and multiples – this has shown clearly that those children who do not know their times tables are at a distinct disadvantage to access this learning. Next week we will be beginning fraction work and again it is essential that key times tables facts are known.

Please support your child with this learning.

We have written some fantastic WW2 poems – have a read of some below!


Home Learning – a maths challenge

This week for home learning, we have sent home a sheet that needs a little bit of investigation.

The children need to fill in the blanks by way of elimination.

It is based on knowledge we have taught: Prime numbers, odd numbers, square numbers, multiples of 3 and even numbers.

What a week!!!

Kelham Island was a great day! We all learnt lots of information about life during World War 2: We saw and held munitions; learnt to march for the Home Guard; spotted enemy planes and put out fires. We also investigated the contents of evacuees’ suitcases and tried to find out who the owners might be!

We watched the teachers make fools of themselves singing Run Rabbit Run – some found it easier than others to make fools of themselves!
Some children presented in assembly, to the rest of the school, about our visit.
Linking with our visit, we have been putting ourselves in an evacuees shoes and writing diary entries.
Moving on from last week in PE, we have begun to play larger games and are focusing on how we move into spaces to allow teams to attack and defend. In gymnastics, the focus has been on dismounting and keeping a gymnasts posture.

Home Learning

This week as well as learning spellings and reading at least 4 times at home, we have set another challenge.

Write a short diary entry about the visit to Kelham Island. Use the notes you have been given. Focus on one activity or the whole day. Write on the sheet provided if you wish or present it in a different way.

Remember you can always email your writing to us using the following address:

A couple more photographs from yesterday.

Kelam Island

A fabulous day experiencing some aspects of life in World War 2.

We have been detectives – trying to guess the owners of some lost luggage!

In addition, we’ve learnt about life as a munitions worker in the factories.

Life on the home front was hard work. Home Guard, Auxiliary Fire Service, plane spotting and time in an Anderson Shelter.

Our week

We have had yet another really good week in Y6.

We have continued working on the 4 operations and we have applied these into our knowledge in problem solving using a set of steps to guide us.

In writing, we have finished our biography about Sir Winston Churchill. They worked hard and produced some good pieces of writing.
In PE we have focussed on ball throwing and catching using different types and sizes of balls so we can put skills into practice in different games. We ‘created’ a new game to help incorporate these skills for real. We are continuing to build up fitness in a range of exercises and drills at the beginning of the outdoor lesson.
Our learning of WW2 has allowed us compare Chamberlain and Churchill and make an informed decision on who we think was the best leader – we have finished this and we had a wide range of views and opinions.
We will continue to encourage children to complete their times tables – can you please do the same at home as this can help with all areas of maths.
Parents evening is next week – please make an appointment if you haven’t done so already.
Kelham Island is on Wednesday – it is a great visit so your children should be able to tell you loads about it when they get back. It is a dressing up day in ‘appropriate’ clothes – no denim jeans.