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Since the dawn of time, man has striven to understand time…

This could be the start of an assembly.

It is clear that (in my class at least) lots of you still need to develop your understanding of time. For SATS, you will need to know:

1) How to actually tell the time using digital and analogue clocks.

2) The 12 and 24 hour clocks

3) am and pm

4) Difference between times (number lines will help – going through 60)

5) how to read different time tables

Please practise

Mr B


Read for My School

Well I’ve just checked who in Year 6 has logged into the Read for my School website – very interesting. As of 7:30pm tonight (Monday) 5 children have logged in and read at least 1 book. Lily Colley is putting many to shame as she has read 13 books so far!

Let us know if you need to check your logins – they should be written in your Learning Journals. Make the effort to check during morning learning tomorrow.

Miss Heap