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Librarians and their buddies


Our Y6 librarians are now fully trained up! They can check in new books arriving, put them on the system, issue existing books and log any returns. They’re great at keeping the library tidy, and can usually recommend a book for you if you can tell them the sort of books you like.


They are now starting to share their enthusiasm for books with children in other year groups too. They are all ‘buddied up’ with a child in year 2 at the moment. When they are on duty they find their buddy, take them to the library and get cosy with a good book. It is fantastic to see how much the younger children are enjoying quality book time with their big buddies. We are so proud of them!

Which was your favourite read today? THAT ONE!

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Varjak Paw


We have been reading Varjak Paw in guided reading and today we wrote some reviews of the book.


There is a cat called Varjak Paw who is named after his grandfather Elder Paw .His mission is to learn how to be a ninja and fight to look after his family until he enters Sally Bones’s territory. He has to learn how to solve the mysterious vanishings. I reckon that people who like a bit of action and adventure but if you put it down you will regret it because it is an amazing book and there is a lot of cool characters especially Elder Paw.


This story is about a cat called Varjak paw, who needs to fight for his life and family. He is not safe where he is, in Contessa’s house because of all of the mysterious vanishings. He needs to use his knowledge to fight. My favourite character is Jalal, one of Varjak’s ancestors. In Varjak’s dreams, Jalal tells him “the way”. I would recommend this book to people who like martial art and adventure. Will this cat learn to fight?


This cat must learn to fight to protect his grand farther(The Elder Paw).The story is about a cat called Varjak who needs to learn martial arts to get a dog to save his family ,defeat the black cats and solve the mysterious vanishings. If he doesn’t if he doesn’t he will let his family down. The main characters in this book are Varjak paw and his ancestor Jalal. Jalal teaches Varjak martial arts but only when Varjak is dreaming. I would recommend this book


Varjak paw must learn to fight, and this is the story. The adventure starts at the house but he has to go outside to fight. He must go and save their owner. The main characters is varjak paw, Jalal, who is his family .my favourite was varjak because he learn to fight .It might not be yours favourite when you reading it  I LIKE IT .I do have a least part in it when they did not treat them good.


The main character is a boy cat called Varjak Paw . I didn’t the enjoy book because I don’t like thing what seem like animals have powers. I think that someone who likes star wars would find this book fun. Someone how likes action and star wars would find the book and read the book a lot . The cat has to get powers to save his family . Varjak also has to find a dog. If you want to find out more then read the book.


There is a cat called Varjak Paw. This is the story about him. He has a big brother called Julias a cousin called Jasmine him and his three little brothers called Jay Jethro Jerome. This book about a cat that must learn to fight it begins with a cat that wants to escape he wants to learn to do martial arts. He wants to go outdoors but he isn’t allowed in the real world but close to the beginning he goes outdoors for the first time. He goes outside to get a dog to save his family but he has lots of other problems to solve there’s gangs of cats and lots of dogs. This book is fantastic for people who like adventure books, mysteries and martial arts.


There’s a cat Varjak Paw, needs to learn martial arts to go outside . Now he is in danger because he went out and he does not know how to do martial arts but there is one cat that could help him ancestor Jalal.