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Stop Speak Support

Some of our posters in progress! We are trying to think of ways to help people that are victims of cyber-bullying.


Last week

This week has been a great week particularly in writing because the staff had issues that they needed help with. The children had to persuade an adult to use their ideas using modal verbs and adverbs and other writing features – we are taking this further next week.

We have compared fractions in maths and learnt how to multiply and divide them.
In theme, we had a P4C based around women, and their roles, during WW2. We compared them prior and post war. The children created a question to use so they could discuss this.
In PE, we looked at counter balances and mirroring in indoor in PE. During outdoor PE, we looked at ‘unfair’ defending and why movement and team work can help make it easier to defend.
Don’t forget, on Monday, it is odd sock day!!!

Week seven

This week in PE, we had the Sheffield Sharks in and learnt skills and awareness in basketball. On Friday, we looked at a new warm up drill to help with passing and moving and we did an exercise to see whether long or short passing is most effective; in our ‘experiment’, we found short passing to be quicker and more efficient when trying to move the ball quickly over a distance.

In maths, we have started to look at fractions and making visual representations.
In our writing, we have looked at describing scenes and re-capped what a sentence actually is.
Our theme lessons consisted of comparing our diet and a wartime rationed diet and then seeing which is more like a ‘healthy diet’.

Home learning

Factors, multiples, square and prime numbers.

We have been overwhelmed with the attitude and willingness from our children (and their families) who have worked on the maths home learning. It’s exactly what we wanted. A willingness to work hard, work together and keep trying.

Here is the solution. Once again, thank you.