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Designing our own creatures that are definitely out of this world!

Our creative talents are really being put to good use. We are currently designing our own animals that have adapted in very unusual ways. Here are some of us working:


Sam’s Safari Visit

We didn’t have far to travel today to meet the following creatures: an armadillo called Holiday, a Gargoyle Gecko and a Leopard Gecko, Tilly the tortoise and Timothy the turtle plus stick insects as well as a Rhinocerous Beetle. They were all brought in by Sam’s Safari, a company that specialise in sharing exotic creatures with children. 

We were allowed to handle all but one of the creatures and it was a memorable session.

What did impress me was the level of knowledge shown by the children about our theme so far.

Here are just a few photographs that sum up the session.

Maths and Baking – a perfect combination!

Over the last 2 weeks there were 3 opportunities for parents to attend Maths Workshops along with their children. Following these successful sessions, the children were invited to do some baking. They must have made some pretty yummy things as staff never even got a whiff of a bun!

Thank you to all of those parents who gave up their time to attend the workshops and thanks also to Margaret who organised and ran the baking sessions. As you can see from below, they were thoroughly enjoyed.


Music at Parkwood

This term in Y6 we have had the opportunity to create and produce our own music using the Apple Mac suite at Parkwood Academy.

We have been using garage band; the Digital Audio Workstations to make incidental and background music to movies.

Here are some pictures from yesterday:

Theme this Term – ‘Out of this World’!


Fossils 2

We are hoping to be going ‘Out of this World’ this term.


We have started off by looking at life before science and how science, when it was ‘discovered’ during The Enlightenment, change the views of lots of people about how the world was created.


We have also started looking this week at fossils. We have linked on here a couple of videos to help show an understanding.